Catchdog Release Tool

Welcome to the home of the CatchDog release tool. This tool is a must have for all Bully breed owners. If you are familiar with the American Staffordshire Terrier, American Pit Bull Terrier & Staffordshire Bull Terrier then you know how effective & important this tool can be to safely seperate the dog from its prey.We have constructed a product that is essential to properly help assist you in releaseing the hold of the most stubborn of dogs. Our product is made of HDPE ( high density polyethylene which is FDA approved ) with a no slip grip. This plastic is non-toxic, strong, durable and should withstand a great deal of abuse without ever breaking or bending in its use.

We are currently offering two base model colors, black and white. We hope to add more in the future but for now standard B&W are the only colors available at this time.   

 We offer a solid product with a unique "no slip grip" to avoid your hand from sliding off while in use. These are some of the nicest break sticks on the market, dont miss out and purchase one today.

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